The Joy of Merging, and Google Code Hosting bug integration with Bazaar

This graph makes me happy. As it shows, I have been quite merge-a-holic in the past few weeks, and I think it has been my most productive time of the year working on Specto (once I finally gave up trying to fix up the mess in a “perfect” way when we migrated to bazaar). This bazaar revision history graph can be obtained simply by doing bzr visualize if you have the bzr-gtk package installed.

The other command I use quite often is “meld .” to get a graphical diff of my current directory, or “bzr gdiff” to get a more textual view.

What is interesting in the screenshot above is that you can see the result of the bazaar bug tracker integration. In this case, it allows doing stuff like:

bzr commit --fixes specto:155 --fixes specto:156

Which then tells bazaar to indicate that these two bugs were fixed by that revision, and link to them. Before you do that, you need to set your bug tracker in ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf. In my case, it is Google Code Hosting, so I had to enter it as a custom bug tracker, with a line like this:

bugtracker_specto_url ={id}


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