Themed ruler widget in PiTiVi

Edward released PiTiVi 0.13.3 today. Brandon recently spent some time working on the timeline’s ruler, and his changes are part of that release. So now, it looks like this:

ruler zoomed out - clearlooks

What’s the difference, you say?

  1. It looks slightly better visually;
  2. The timecodes are displayed/managed in a smarter way;
  3. The “ticks” are now on the bottom of the ruler;
  4. The ruler now uses your GTK theme’s colors.

So when you use a dark theme (in this case, DarkRoom), it looks nicely integrated:

ruler zoomed out - darkroom

But wait, this is not all. New functionality was added too. If you zoom in enough, you can see a representation of the project’s frames (the alternating white and gray zones):

ruler zoomed in


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