PiTiVi on Windows

A little while back, Andoni Morales (author of Longomatch) had managed to run PiTiVi on Windows “just for the sake of testing gstreamer python bindings”. His efforts have resumed and been posted to a new bug report as a serie of patches, and here is how it looks like:

This is also part of his efforts to package GStreamer for Windows. Although I don’t use Windows myself (actually, I can’t stand it), I see this as a good thing. If Andoni indeeds wants to maintain a port to Windows, it might help more users and raise awareness about PiTiVi.

And I guess I could use that to poke fun at the “other FOSS NLEs that promised ports to Windows and never actually ended up doing it” (if any dared to make such promises… well, unless you count Blender among video editors ;). I kid, I kid.

Pitfalls: in Andoni’s own words, “it’s not working very well, and there is a nasty bug in the timescale which makes it almost unusable, but the rendering is working!”

If you are interested in tinkering with it, go take a look at his bug report, or perhaps chat with “ylatuya” (on the IRC channel). Take note that the Windows executable provided in Andoni’s bug report is entirely self contained (you don’t need to install GTK+ and GStreamer dependencies yourself), so it should “just work”. See also the wiki page for PiTiVi on Windows (not yet updated).


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