Cool video editor seeks ingenious students: PiTiVi and the Summer of Code

The 2011 edition of Google’s Summer of Code is here! As per previous years, PiTiVi may participate under the umbrella of GNOME and GStreamer (which are both mentoring organizations for this year’s SoC projects).

If you are a student who loves video editing and multimedia in general, you have the tremendous opportunity to shape the future by contributing to the PiTiVi project as part of GNOME or GStreamer!

We would love to have as many contributors as possible this year. Take a look at some of our project ideas or bring your own! Don’t wait, the deadline for applying is April 8th.

Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as :

  • A fantastic learning opportunity to play with technologies such as GStreamer, GTK+, Cairo, Python, etc.
  • A tight-knit community that will offer you guidance and feedback throughout your project
    • In addition to your “official” mentor, you may get help from other mentors and members of the project.
    • For all UI-related tasks, you will be able to receive additional help and mentorship from me, in terms of design, guidance and testing.
  • Tangible and fun projects with the potential to improve the lives of thousands of users
  • And dozens of other reasons for contributing

Ready to shoot lasers and lines of code with your bare hands? Then get your heroic butt on our mailing list and IRC channel (#pitivi on to discuss your world domination plans!

Of course, don’t keep this to yourself. Got friends who may be interested in tackling projects for PiTiVi? Spread the word!


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