Some folks were probably wondering why PiTiVi is still using GTK2. Now you know:


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10 Replies to “Y U NO GTK3 YET?”

  1. Not only is this a really funny blog post, but also very instructive. Thank you, keep up the hard work. Hope PyGi will soon enable PiTiVi to get back on the release track with the GES goodness and all that.

  2. Half an hour on a whiteboard is worth a thousand-words blog post! I’m happy that it has been informative and made you smile at the same time :)

  3. Thanks for making it clear. I was wondering mainly because I heard someone had made progress on a GTK 3 port.

    It’s probably more important that the application is integrated with GES before moving entirely to GTK 3, I’d say, if you must choose.

  4. @antistress: pretty much. What it means is, “We have to jump to GStreamer 0.11, GTK3 (and possibly others) all at once “. You can imagine how invasive the changes might be!

    Edit: except maybe using the compatibility layer that Johan mentioned above… but I’m not sure I’ve understood that thing correctly.

  5. Considering that each new PiTiVi version is usually built for latest GStreamer version, you shouldn’t hesitate, for the next PiTiVi version, to jump to GStreamer 0.11/1.0. Let current version being GTK2 without trying to port it to GTK3 it’s not worth the trouble

  6. I feel your pain, brother (and hi from Jokosher team). It is quite serious porting effort and we have ran into GTK+ problems there and here. And let’s not ignore the fact that currently porting to Gstreamer 0.11 is all “changing tires while going 150 km/h down the road” But we are getting there. We will prevail :)

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