Break the kettles and sink the boats

This is it.  The “ges” branch of Pitivi has been merged to “master”.

The changes that have been merged are quite significant: over four hundred commits, 175 files changed, 13943 insertions and 30341 deletions (net result: more than 16 thousand lines of code removed while at the same time adding features and solving longstanding bugs).

While “master” is certainly far from bug-free, it is now a decent base to build upon. Perfect is the enemy of the good. Let us now move ahead resolutely and without fear to achieve victory: 0.16 will be a superb release and I am thrilled by what’s going to happen this summer with the GSoC projects.

See this page for build instructions, including a script that automates the process.

By the way, if you happen to be around, I will be presenting in Hong Kong at GNOME.Asia next month.


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