Back from Hong Kong

It’s too bad that the GNOME Asia summit in HK was so short and that I had to leave early on the last day of the conference. I wish I had more time to interact with the local community and to discuss with the design team some of the (anti)patterns that matter/appeal to me.

I’d like to thank the organizers for setting up the event and for their warm welcome, going as far as to giving our triumvir a tour of the Xiamen university campus and surroundings.

Alas, besides the presentation on Pitivi and the GStreamer Editing Services, I don’t have much news to report on my end lately; Thibault has been more productive, implementing the notion of grouping in GES and attending to development matters while I was visiting relatives, checking out a professional animation studio and visiting a little bit of southern & eastern China.

My detailed observations on China shall be published as a separate post (in French, ’cause I’m le tired). It was great having ocrete & mulli as travel buddies, reducing risk and providing a much needed direction/planning to the adventure, as well as many moments of entertainment, such as this brilliant piece where Tobias (unknowingly) reveals his identity as a GNOME contributor:

Your typical GNOME contributor. Take that, Linus Torvalds!


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  1. Your typical gnome contributor walks away from a dor with the Nazi flag? o.O””” scary.

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