Prague, Brno, London, GNOME + Pitivi

Guess where I am going?

That moment when you think “jeez, I wish I could bring less equipment with me for once”…

To the end of the world and back

To that event “where nobody goes anymore”. I’m not entirely sure what’s in the air this year. I’m not talking about what’s been going on in the industry and the public perception of GNOME in various circles, that might not be the whole picture. There may also be something else I’d like to assess while I’m there. While I deeply disagree with the use of sensationalistic and “demotivational” titles like Lionel’s last blog post, some of those concerns are quite valid and important to our sustainability. I, for one, am looking forward to participating in the ecosystem BoF.

Taking it easy. Maybe.

  • Before GUADEC, I will spend a few days visiting Prague with friends. I’m pretty bad at this “taking vacations” thing however; my obsessive self might spend time trying to fix some Pitivi issues instead of being a good tourist.
  • I will not be working while at GUADEC. I will be devoting my mind to attending and giving (two!) presentations, interacting with new and old community members and having fun (might even try playing futbol this year, but I fear Bastien will kick my arse for all those years of pestering him with bug reports).
    • I might have a twisted definition of “fun” though: I have 30+ items in GTG tagged “@guadec”, which means I will be chasing down people all over the place. I’m looking at you, Allan, Bastien, Karen, Cosimo, Benjamin, Zeeshan, Jon, Lionel, Jakub, Sebastian, Tim, Edward,… gosh, the list is endless. I’m forgetting a ton of people. I also have to catch up with Igalians, Lanedians, Pitivites… the fact that I didn’t mention your name doesn’t imply that you’re safe.
  • Unfortunately, special circumstances will call me back to work in the last few days of GUADEC. I will be in London on the 8th and 9th.

If you want to catch me in Prague or London, let me know.

All the equipment shown previously fits in these two carry-on bags. Nekohayorganization at its finest.

Pitivi happenings

  • Pitivi hackfest @ GUADEC 2013. Be there.
  • I think I’m at the point where I really need someone to succeed me in the role of writing the Pitivi user guide and release notes for the upcoming release. Please get in touch if you love writing and are interested in helping out. If you’re at GUADEC, we can even get started together!
  • Interesting results for the 2013 Pitivi user survey, pretty much confirming what I’ve been thinking for many years. Hopefully I’ll touch upon that in my talk.
  • For those interested in vastly improved playback performance with super-high-definition footage: take a look at our spec for proxy editing and let us know what you think. Anton, one of our GSoC students, is working on laying the foundations for that.
    • I haven’t had time to blog about the big question around video codecs, but I’ll get to that eventually. Grab me at GUADEC to discuss this, if the feature matters to you or if space-performance tradeoffs are a problem that you find interesting to think about.
  • Brace yourselves, a new website is coming. It’s friggin’ awesome. Not releasing it yet though, so you can relax for now.
  • Mathieu Duponchelle made a small script to do special video compositing of a dance clip… in ten minutes! That’s how powerful GES is: it’s not just about making full-fledged video editing apps, it’s also a powerful scripting and automation engine. See his explanations (with source code!) here.


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