Presenting and hacking Pitivi at Pycon 2014

Pycon, or what I’d call the “main Pycon” (vs one of the sub-Pycons), has traditionally always been held in the United States of America. This year, it will be held in Montréal.


The most astute among you might have noticed that Montréal (Québec) is not actually in the USA (because trying to capture Québec City during a snowstorm on New Year’s Eve is a terrible idea).

Since Montréal is my homebase (and Pycon happening there might be the event of a lifetime), I decided to showcase… you guessed it: the new version of the Pitivi video editor.

  • I will be making a “scientific congress”-sized poster (122×122 cm, that’s 4×4 feet for you southerners). I enjoy distilling marketing contents into visually compelling print materials, so I’m pretty excited about making an unconventional, jaw-dropping poster. I’ll be using some Pitivi donation money to cover the printing costs (around 25$ according to UQÀM’s estimates, other places start at 90$…). If you have ideas of things I should have on the poster (besides nice charts/graphs, screenshots and artwork), feel free to comment.
  • I won’t be just talking in front of an unusually large piece of paper: it will be a live demo booth with Pitivi running in front of the poster (maybe I’ll need to get something better than a netbook…).

Besides talks, tutorials and poster sessions, Pycon also has sprints (which, as I understand it, are what I usually refer to as “hackfests”). So I will most certainly be looking to host a Pitivi sprint/hackfest from April 14th to 17th.

If you are attending Pycon this year, I hope you will drop by to say hi, try out the coolest pythonic open-source video editor out there or get started hacking on the code!


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