A quick Pitivi status update for June 2014

I have been extremely busy in the past few months and thus have not been able to spend much time at all on Pitivi, but here’s a quick status update about the work of others in case you missed it:

  • In follow-up to our initial look at this summer’s GSoC projects for Pitivi:
  • Mathieu and Thibault have been hard at work to bring editing-ready MPEG-TS support for GStreamer, so you can finally edit those quirky AVCHD camcorder videos in Pitivi. Learn more about what they did in this blog post. The official fix, due for GStreamer 1.4, comes as part of bug #675132. For a historical sense of scale, see also this meta-bug on Launchpad and GStreamer bug #550634.
  • We will be at GUADEC. As per tradition, we will have a week-long Pitivi hackfest after the core presentations days. Do not hesitate to come hang around and get involved!

I will start preparing my GUADEC Pitivi talk soon. If there are topics or questions you would like to see covered, feel free to leave a comment to let me know.


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