The War Against Deadlocks, part 2

Heads up, citizens of the video editing world! Our war correspondent Alexandru has taken some of my battered notes, done some more research and published a fine report on the second part of Pitivi‘s War Against Deadlocks. Go read it now! 😃

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing! This blog post is part of a série of articles tracking progress made with work related to the 2014 Pitivi fundraiser. Researching and writing quality articles takes a lot of time, so please be patient and enjoy the ride! 😉
  1. An update from the 2014 summer battlefront
  2. The 0.94 release
  3. The War Against Deadlocks, part 1: The story of our new thread-safe mixing elements reimplementation
  4. The War Against Deadlocks, part 2: GNonLin's reincarnation
  5. The 0.95 release, the GTK+ timeline and sink
  6. Measuring quality/reliability through time (clarifying what gst-validate is)
  7. Our all-in-one binaries building infrastructure, and why it matters
  8. Samples, “scenario” files and you: how you can help us reproduce (almost) any bug very easily
  9. The 1.0 release and closure of the fundraiser


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4 Replies to “The War Against Deadlocks, part 2”

  1. Wow! I have tried to use pitivi on and off for >5 years, and every single time been able to crash it within one or two minutes. Now I downloaded the daily build and IT DOES NOT CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s like a dream come true, I add clips, cut them everywhere, move the bits here and there with fades and transitions dragging the playhead here and there in the process. Not a single crash. Not once. Finally I dare to click the ‘render’ button. Feeling very lucky I choose the ‘html5 video’ preset, and off it goes, but about halfway done on the edge of a transition it errors out: “gst-stream-error-quark: GStreamer encountered a general stream error. (1)”.

    Well at least progress!! I think, but then I realized that it did not crash, the editor is still alive. So I dismiss the error, switch to ‘no preset’ which apparently means ogg/theora and try again. This time it renders to the end with no errors and gives me a working theora video file!! And the editor is still alive! NO DEADLOCKS!!

    Looks like we finally have a working video editor! Thank you so much!

    1. Super happy to hear it’s starting to work better for you :) about the render issue, it kinda sounds like this issue I encountered recently, but supposedly fixed.

      It seems you’re either hitting a variant of it, or a different issue. Could you try to determine the steps to trigger it, and report it? Drop by our IRC channel and we’d be happy to help you investigate.

      1. I didn’t save the project and seems I can’t repeat it now so not much to do about it I guess. I had two clips with different containers and frame rates and resolutions cut up in lots of pieces with lots of fades and some added transitions (just for testing, doing this I always crashed pitivi sooner or later until now)

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