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So you want to hire me? Or you found some interesting gem in my blog or publications and wanted to comment in private? Or maybe you're just looking to keep in touch with what I'm up to online? This is where it happens. I'm happy to receive mails and discuss about pretty much anything, but please keep in mind that I receive hundreds of mails per day and may take a while to respond (unless it's an emergency or business inquiry).

Direct email

Following my blog

My blog encourages web standards and avoids the walled gardens that are "social media" websites. You are encouraged to follow updates there through a news aggregator, such as Liferea (discover other aggregators here and here).

Using such a tool, you can subscribe to my blog's global RSS feed syndication feed icon, or visit the footer (at the very bottom of my blog) to choose category-specific feeds you can subscribe to—such as my open-source-related posts, user interaction design posts, etc. You can also subscribe to particular tags instead of categories, such as my posts tagged as "management & business".

Stalking me on social media

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