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Organizations auxquelles je suis venu en aide

Je travaille avec toutes sortes d'organisations, grandes et petites, tout autour du monde, que ce soit pour des projets courts ou des mandats à plus long terme. J'ai touché à diverses industries: informatique/T.I., recherche et éducation, transports, santé, ressources naturelles, organismes à but non-lucratif et oeuvres caritatives, construction, gestion immobilière, firmes de consultation, etc.

Jetez un coup d'oeil à quelques témoignages ci-dessous ou regardez mon offre de services pour voir comment je pourrais améliorer votre situation, comme je l'ai fait pour d'autres avant vous.

“I came to realize that Jeff has been the glue of our organization. Because we are all so overworked here, he actually spots those small pieces that if broken can push us into doom. Danke herr Jeff for your outstanding work and dedication.”

Zlatan Todorić,
CTO of a manufacturing company in the Sillicon Valley

“I’ve worked with Jeff on several projects. He’s the insurance that the most elaborate challenge will be dealt with rigor, method, and commitment. His business and executive flair combined with his technological expertise give him an incredible advantage over most people in the industry. A precious ally to any company. I would recommend him without hesitation.”

Florian Schmitt,
marketing technologist

“Jeff stood out from the pack, for his high degree of professionalism, empathy, and for having brought his teams to the highest level of performance according to internal reviews at Statistics Canada. When I left, he took over my team (in addition to his!) without even breaking a sweat.”

Ionah Bernier,
fellow team lead at Statistics Canada

“Throughout the years, we have been calling upon Jeff as he has proven to be a reliable, efficient and trustworthy partner for many areas spanning marketing, integration services, security and mission-critical systems. He has been able to provide us with time-critical services with no disruption to the overall quality of deliverables we provide to our clients.”

Pierre Bès,
CEO of Tech-Logique

“Throughout his time at Collabora, Jeff was highly engaged with his work and the company, often getting involved in a wide range of tasks and projects at any given time and always supporting the team when the opportunity arose.”

Heidi Merrifield

“Mr. Fortin Tam has been helping my businesses for well over a decade. He has a keen eye, a sharp business sense and a gift with words. Many clients gave us praise for the work he did, and we are very pleased with all that he's done for us.”

Chucrallah Tabib,
facility manager

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