Restoring from backups

I’m currently in Málaga for the GStreamer hackfest. Hopefully, many bugs will perish. In the meantime, here’s a quick status update of stuff I’ve been doing in recent times in Pitivi.

  • Cleanup the code for gtk actions so that the code is more readable and robust, fixing 629208 in the process.
  • Cleanup the menus (again).
  • Avoid having the viewer eating the CPU while idle.
  • Fix various problems such as “Select unused clips” not working in treeview mode or reimplement removing all timeline instances of a clip when removing it from the media library.
  • With the help of Brian Grohe, merge and delete spam user accounts on the wiki. I only have to fix image uploads and the https certificate issue now.
  • Start fixing 629855; see below for details.

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