What is this blog about, and what to read first?

This self-hosted blog is my personal publishing space, with over 750 articles written (and counting) since 2004.
Most people who start a blog give up within 3 to 6 months; I’m just unreasonably persistent.

My website predates all “modern” social media networks, and is likely to outlast them all, because I care about long-term sustainability and digital independence, not shareholders.

It’s a long-term sharing space between me and you, dear reader. If this is your first time here, I hope you will stick around (you can subscribe to my automated notification systems, see below).

What topics are covered in articles here?

I often write about technology (particularly Free and Open-Source software design & development), as well as findings and insights from “down to earth” businesses I’ve worked with, so that you can see more than just a single industry. In fact, I typically try to infuse business and personal insights into any technology article I write.

Globally, here are the broad categories that my publications would cover:

  • business (management, growth, entrepreneurship, market positioning, public relations, branding, etc.);
  • society (sustainability, social psychology, design, public causes, etc. Not politics.);
  • technology;
  • life & productivity improvement (“lifehacking”).

Top 10

To make it easier to find the best articles among existing ones, here is a list of some of my cornerstone articles, sorted by categories.

For CEOs
For tech leads, project managers, product owners
For software developers
For designers
For Free & Open Source software enthusiasts
For Carly Rae Jepsen

Hey there, princess of pop, I’m a huge fan of yours! 🤩 Thank you for reading my blog.

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