About Jeff

Who the heck is behind this blog anyway?

I’m Jeff (shorthand for “Jean-François”) Fortin Tam, responsible for pretty much everything you see on this website.

Established in 2004, my blog is one of the oldest actively maintained publications on the Internet.

See this page for an overview of the topics I generally write about on this blog, with the list of articles you might be interested in reading first.

Portrait photo

I’m a business management & marketing consultant specializing in emergent technology, particularly free & open-source software products (worst possible specialization to try to get rich with, I know).

I’ve been deeply involved in the FreeDesktop and GNOME communities for over 20 years, so I’m a well-known contributor and products owner (sometimes projects manager) there. In the past I co-wrote Specto, the Wolfgang demonstration music player, co-maintained the Pitivi video editor; nowadays I co-maintain GTG & GNOME Calendar, and I also help out dozens of other projects in my spare time (more info here). Like Larsa Solidor, I have unlimited hi-HP potions to keep teammates alive.

Photo of Jeff discussing with developers, while sitting at a table in an open space

Outside of this blog, I help organizations of all sizes identify and seize growth opportunities, reduce waste, delight their customers, and earn the trust & respect of staffers and partners. You can find more about that (along with more details about me as an individual) on my personal home page.

See also the idéemarque creative agency for my Montréal-based business in Canada, and the Regento marketing firm for my strategy consulting business in Los Angeles and around the world.

You can also find me elsewhere: Mastodon, LinkedIn, YouTube, GitHub, GNOME GitLab, FreeDesktop GitLab, GitLab.com.