Back from the GNOME Summit

In my previous blog post, where I was providing an update on the 2016 GNOME Summit I was organizing in Montréal, I wrote,

With a change of attendees comes a change of the nature of the event: instead of being an extremely technical, “deep end of the pool” event as it has been in the past, this edition will be focused on newcomers and potential contributors, with presentations and workshops targetted for this purpose.

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Vice-President’s Report — The State of the GNOME Foundation

Hi! Long time no see. My blog has been pretty quiet in recent months, in the big part due to my extended commitment on the GNOME Foundation‘s Board of Directors (for a second year without an executive director present to take some of the load) and the various business engagements I’ve had.

Generally speaking, this year was a bit less intense than the one before it (we didn’t have to worry about a legal battle with a giant corporation this time around!) although we did end up touching a fair amount of legal matters, such as trademark agreements. One big item we got cleared was the Ubuntu GNOME trademark agreement. We also welcomed businesses that wanted to sell GNOME-related merchandise, you can find them listed here—supporting them by purchasing GNOME-related items also supports the Foundation with a small percentage shared as royalties.

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Help us get the GUADEC 2014 videos published

For those who could not attend GUADEC 2015, video recordings have been processed and published here. You might wonder, then, what happened to the GUADEC 2014 videos. The talks in Strasbourg were recorded indeed, but the audio came from the camera’s built-in microphones (so no truly directional mic and no line-in feed). This is problematic for a number of reasons:

  • We were in the city center of Strasbourg with no air conditioning, which means that the windows were open so we heard all sorts of noises (including cars passing on the stone pavement, construction work, etc.) in addition to background noise.
  • One of the rooms did not have a speaker microphone/amplified sound system
  • The camera microphones being far from the speaker means that you hear noises from the audience (such as chairs moving)

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Retour de GUADEC, conspirations

As expected, GUADEC in Strasbourg was a terrific event. Huge props to the local organizing team who managed to make things work regardless of last minute curve balls, such as the venue changing or the video recording team (and their equipment) not being able to attend due to visa restrictions. I went with Alexandre Franke to pick up recording equipment only half an hour before the opening session on the first day, and manned the cameras sporadically, but was glad that other volunteers were able to fill the gaps as I was running all over the place.

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Venez nombreux à GUADEC!

Pour la première fois depuis quatorze ans, la conférence GUADEC fait son retour en France. Je vous encourage à venir nombreux à cet événement qui se tiendra à Strasbourg durant la dernière semaine de Juillet. Je dois traverser l’Atlantique (à la nage), prendre plusieurs avions et autobus pour y aller, alors pas d’excuses pour ceux situés à moins de 6000 km!

“GUADEC, ça a un intérêt pour quelqu’un qui n’est pas un développeur?”

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GUADEC talk video published

No no no, I said video, Not videos. Seems like even though I spent hours editing and rendering a single recording, I’ve still beat the GUADEC organizers when it comes to “time to publish” ;)

My “neko edit” also has good sound quality (from a dedicated USB microphone) and high resolution versions of the slides and videos used during the presentation… all in HTML5 video glory.

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Back from Hong Kong

It’s too bad that the GNOME Asia summit in HK was so short and that I had to leave early on the last day of the conference. I wish I had more time to interact with the local community and to discuss with the design team some of the (anti)patterns that matter/appeal to me.

I’d like to thank the organizers for setting up the event and for their warm welcome, going as far as to giving our triumvir a tour of the Xiamen university campus and surroundings.

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Boston Summit in Not Boston

This week-end:

  • Trapped Olivier Crète and Guillaume Desmottes into fixing their stack to make video/audio calls work again in Empathy 3.2
  • Spoke at length with Robert Ancell at the Collabora party on Sunday.
  • Good to have an elaborate counter-argument to Matthew Garrett’s famous rebuttal of LightDM: it seems that Robert wishes to make it a compelling-enough replacement for gdm (and all the others) before bringing it up again; in other words, bring the living proof of the superiority of your replacement, such that there are pratically no more reasons for upstream not to adopt it. We will see how this pans out in the next few cycles, it should be interesting.
  • It was a pleasure to discuss  various fashionable subjects of recent times such as the strategic positioning of Canonical/Ubuntu, turning points in the type of userbase (I forgot what exact terminology he used, but to me it basically translated to leaping over a ravine with a giant rocket-propelled lobster), CLAs, Pitivi, etc.

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Results from the hackfest

I had a fantastic week at the PiTiVi+GES hackfest and desktop summit in Berlin. Over the course of the past few days, we polished and merged some more features and bug fixes in your favorite video editor.

Lubosz’s “transformation” branch has now been merged and allows insanely sexy and efficient panning/resizing/cropping of your video clips, as you can see in the video below (or, alternatively, this video):

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See you at LGM!

I’ll be giving an epic talk on Pitivi and video editing in Linux in general at Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 in Montréal, this Wednesday from 17h00 to 17h30. Since it is the sequel to the 2009 talk, this one will probably focus less on technical aspects in order to avoid repeating myself, but those of you who know my presentation style will certainly not be disappointed. Of course, I’ll probably be lurking around all week so you can catch me to have a nice conversation, hunt bugs, discuss UI design, etc. See you there!