I've been an official Member of the GNOME Foundation for the past 13 years. I was previously president of the GNOME Foundation, among other things.

With over 19 years of involvement in the Free Software community and open-source methodology, I have a particular affinity with this branch of the IT industry. My experience in the field, combined with my background in business, makes me one of the very few publicly available bona fide free/open-source marketing & business management consultants on the planet who can claim expertise in the field with a straight face. If you're looking for someone with a deep understanding of how the FLOSS community works, thinks and feels, and who can help your business integrate with it the proper way, you may be interested in my services.

Direct contributions


See my interaction design page.

Code & Project Management

Open Hub profile for Jean-François Fortin Tam

For an overview of my code contributions to established projects, see the summary on OpenHub (or the full graph of code contributions over the years). You can also look at GNOME GitLab profile and my GitHub profile (you'll have to click through the various years of the graph).

Here is some software I wrote and/or managed:

Quality assurance

My continued involvement in Free and Open Source software has made me file hundreds of bug reports and thousands of comments on various pieces of software that I have used and loved. Over time, I have involved myself in bug triaging to ease the developers' task. My bug reports are scattered over the web, but are for the most part contained in:

I also have a list of some of the top bugs I'm proud to have helped solve or investigate (due to limited time, I don't update that list that often, however).

I maintained Pitivi's automated user interface test suite for some years.

Latest blog posts on Free/Open-Source software

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