You've reached my biography page, which is one of the deeper parts of my website. If you're simply looking for an elevator pitch, check out my home page instead. This page is meant as a story of my past, and a snapshot of my present. It contains:

  1. The short “professional bio
  2. Notable job titles & positions
  3. My work ethic, and what drives me
  4. The personal biographical sketch (with some humor)

The short “professional bio”

Note: the use of the 3rd person in the next two paragraphs is meant for conference abstracts and third-party publications.

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Jeff represents the rare combination of a strong business flair, a background in psychology, interdisciplinary creative talent, and strong street credentials as an esteemed Free & Open-Source software contributor for over a decade. Jeff has owned and operated a business management & marketing consultancy company for years, serving organizations in multiple industries. He craves challenges and strives for excellence wherever he goes, taking the time to analyze the market and devise compelling solutions to genuinely connect with prospects and customers.

Jeff serves business executives worldwide who have no use for average results. His calling is to solve problems in depth, with solid outcomes that stand the test of time—no snake oil, no smoke screens. Over the years, he has been expanding his business & management consulting services, including business development, customer experience, product design, operations & logistics, brand management, and various other mission-critical services through his management consulting practice, as the principal of the idéemarque agency and as a Regento fractional CMO.

Notable job titles & positions

Note that this page section is not a CV. Some parts of my previous jobs or assignments are confidential, so they are either not shown or left intentionally vague here. Email me and I will be happy to send you a tailored version.

Jobs in sales, design or software development from 2000 to 2010 have been omitted from this page for brevity.

🔰 What the heck is a CMO, you say? See the Wikipedia article about it.

Some other stuff I've done:

Some more fun things

I’ve also been a Free & Open-Source software contributor for over 19 years. In my free time, I am also a video producer, portrait photographer (I also have a casual gallery of some world travel photos that are not in my official portfolio), and illustrator. I’ve had lots of computers. I am fluent in French and English (written & spoken), fairly good in Spanish, conversational Mandarin & Cantonese. And of course, I know a few words of Japanese (because I've watched plenty of anime when I was young).

My work ethic, and what drives me

“The thing most casual observers don't realize is that Jeff is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to getting things done and holding true to his word. Jeff is a singularity and very few people notice because he's so good at making it look easy and natural.”
— André Mercier

Here are a few things you need to know about me, my work ethic, and my philosophy of life:

Where did all this come from? Well, I can summarize by asking a single question: "Do you know what it's like to be driven by death?" It's not a medical condition, it's my appreciation of life—derived from a couple of close encounters with death—that makes me seek to maximize what we can accomplish in our limited time.

Learn more about my consulting services, or keep on reading below for some humor.

The personal biographical sketch

While reading the text below, I highly recommend listening to this sound track:

Jeff was born sometime in the 20th century and, according to onlookers in public spaces, his age is estimated to be between 20 and 35 years old at any given time, even though he consistently claims to be twelve. In practice, nobody knows for sure, as historians and vampire hunters alike have routinely claimed him to be over 300 years old, having gone by different names throughout the epochs.

He grew up in a womb and various parts of the world, including Italy, Hong Kong, "almost Mexico", and PRC (the People's Republic of Canada), which causes confusion for anyone looking at his passport. He picked up Italian, Cantonese and French at a young age, lost Italian and Cantonese, picked up English and Spanish, regained bits of Cantonese and Mandarin, and learned Python instead of Esperanto. He types using a ridiculously obscure keyboard layout, the "French Canadian Dvorak" which exists only on Linux. He can still type QWERTY fluently, but that brings him down from his 115 words per minute peak typing speed to a paltry 69 words per minute typing speed.

In high-school, he was neither a bully nor the bullied (he was, in fact, part of the mafia of "rejects who all banded together"), letting mockery roll off his back like water droplets on the plumage of a duck, a confident attitude allowing him to freely produce shortfilms that repeatedly won the school's "public's choice" award (an award that was created specially for his films, because they infringed all the eligibility rules otherwise, while consistently drawing in crowd attendance and cheers over all other contest entries). He was poor at math even though he's one of the most numbers-driven person you can find in your everyday life, as the mathematics teaching system has been wholly inadequate—designed to create office drones for the Empire, never made to instill passion or teach practical uses. He aced any creativity or linguistic assignment with natural ease. If he had been at Hogwarts, he would have gotten along just fine with Luna Lovegood.

University of Montreal HEC Montreal Blason UDM

His part-asian blood and streetfighting spirit led him to power-level through his studies at what he calls the "icy league", earning a B.Sc. in psychology at the University of Montréal and a post-graduate diploma in management from its affiliated school of business HEC Montréal within the span of four years while working for 11 different organizations, without ever pulling an all-nighter or drinking RedBull. He is, however, thankful to PHDcomics for helping him avoid the trap of academia.

Having been part of the workforce ever since he was 13 years old (hence why he forever remains 12, officially), he decided 14 years ago to pursue his career as a business management consultant with a strong penchant for technology and creativity, serving organizations around the world through his independent practice and idéemarque creative agency.

Jeff loves cats, dogs and raccoons, yet owns none of them—firstly because he's too kind to bind them to his urban and international consultant's lifestyle (travelling with a dog can be pretty complicated), secondly because he's allergic. He has owned a swarm of goldfish however, and it took fifteen years for those tough bastards to die.

If you read through all this and like my sense of humour and work ethic, perhaps we should do business together.

What next? Check out the organizations I have served throughout the years, or learn more about my consulting services.