Business management & development services

I do high performance business executive advising, coaching, or hands-on management or your behalf. I typically work based on retainer agreements as a trusted executive advisor. I help solve hard business challenges, provide key strategic insight, optimize human and technological processes, and deliver genuine value for customers, employees and leaders.

If you are looking specifically for a CMO for hire, whether as an interim or as a fractional CMO, you should check out Regento fractional CMOs for hire. Otherwise, for general business consulting, keep reading below.

What I do is pure, honest business management consulting centered on added value. I can help with your business objectives such as:

In practice, this translates to areas of focus and responsibilities such as these:

Branding and creative services can be fulfilled through my branding agency's specialty services.

“Wow Jeff.
We have been hunting, trying, testing, examining, and interviewing people for this role for over a year, and I haven't seen anybody come even close to aligning with our philosophies AND having marketing and communications experience [like you do].”

— Todd W., CEO of a manufacturing company in the Silicon Valley

With over 19 years of involvement in the Free Software community and open-source methodology, I have a particular affinity with this branch of the IT industry. This unique experience, combined with my background in business, lets me position myself as one of the very few publicly available free/open-source marketing & business management consultants on the planet who can claim expertise in the field with a straight face. I have a genuine, deep, understanding of how the FLOSS community works, thinks and feels, and can help your business integrate it the proper way.

That being said, while I do have deep expertise in Free & Open-Source software, keep in mind that I am a management & business generalist. I believe that acute expertise in only one skillset is better suited for day-to-day "dev/ops/delivery" employees, which I am not replacing—my strength lies in my versatility. After all, in business consulting you are seeking someone with broad knowledge to devise holistic solutions, not technicians and operators confined within a specific area of the system.

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Are you ready to make a move?

You and your business must want to:

You must have clear goals and ambition, and the willingness to look at your numbers and existing practices, with a constructive and positive attitude. If you want to grow your business, counterproductive processes and attitudes are no longer acceptable, and I will call you out on any of these things that are holding you back! Better get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable in order to reach the next level. If you aren’t going to implement any of the recommendations, there's no point in seeking a consultant.

“Can we hire you? Are you expensive?”

For the past 23 years, I have been working with organizations of all sizes and budgets, including solo practicioners, 5 to 50 headcount startups, non-profit organizations, 50 to 100 headcount SMBs, and large governmental organizations and universities.

My fee structure is on a case-by-case basis, based on on the scope, complexity and involvement of the project. Therefore, if you are a small organization, know that I can work with you depend on your needs and capabilities.

Ready to work together? Contact me now, and we will meet (in person if you're nearby, or via telephone or Jitsi) so you can get a free initial consultation to determine the fit between my offering and your business needs.

Note: I am mainly located in Canada and can travel almost anywhere in the world. As a Trusted Traveler, I can freely enter the USA for management consulting assignments when required, but depending on circumstances remote interaction may be recommended to ensure the security of your mission-critical business data.