Heisenbugs Hall of Fame

Here's a list of a few bugs that were either quite complex, hard to track down or just plain interesting to investigate.

662979Race condition when right-clicking after selecting files
656692Trying to delete clips where the playhead is makes the UI hang
648714clips vanish from the timeline window, vertical scrollbar ceases working
647023When saving a project, the render settings are not saved
645750Welcome dialog not focused on startup
644313Splitting does not work if no clip is selected
638143Missing files dialog: formatter does not correctly compare mappings when searching for probable matches
637522Not-negotiated errors when there are gaps in the timeline
634723Hang when mass-removing/deleting clips from the timeline
634715rendering doesn't work if you change the quality quantizer of x264enc
632414Transitions cause not-negotiated errors
632391box selection marquee doesn't work properly when zoomed in
629611splitting then deleting the first part of a clip causes a not-negotiated error
612501TypeError in do_simple_paint
610188zooming glitches / playhead and clips jump around
603424first seek doesn't work until you used the ruler to seek
603149splitting resets the playhead position
603102cannot render until the timeline has been seeked, and traceback if trying to seek after trying to render directly
594396"save as" confuses pitivi; subsequent saves are on the original project file
593977loading projects is slow
593682make the containers/codecs/muxers/formats list human-readable/cleaner
589817cancel accidental movement when double-clicking on a curve
587009audio stream mixing causes "not linked" errors
579410formatter doesn't like unicode
579238slow / laggy dragging : do not update the preview until drag is released