Please help test (and fix) GTG’s GTK 4 port2 min read

As you know, even with a “simple” language like Python, porting a desktop application to a new version of GTK can be a pretty significant amount of work; doubly so when it is accompanied by major refactoring of the app itself at the same time.

In Getting Things GNOME‘s case, this has been over a year in the making, for various technical and personal/life reasons.

We need your help to determine when/if it would be “safe” to merge our long-running core rewrite & GTK 4 port branch to GTG‘s main branch and repository. We think it mostly works, but we can’t be sure until you try it out (preferrably while using a copy of your real world data file).

If you have an up-to-date Linux distro with recent versions of GTK (ex: 4.10.4+), and would like to help test & fix the upcoming GTK 4 version of GTG, check out this branch / PR and give it a try in the coming days. You can then help by:

  • Finding and reporting remaining showstopper issues: problems specific to that branch should be reported here (in Diego’s repository) for now.
    • We’re looking for problems that would be considered unacceptable/non-functional for the sake of merging to the main repository. Especially, anything related to data or dangerously broken behavior, if any.
    • Broken plugins are acceptable at this point.
    • If you can’t find any unreported issues after extensive testing… let us know too, it’s nice to know our code is perfect 😉
  • Sending merge requests to Diego’s repository (check the issues and existing PRs, if any, to avoid duplicate work) would help a ton, of course, because we’ve been stretched very thin lately.

Being able to confidently merge this branch would make it much easier for others in the GTG community to have a stable base to work on, and provide the remaining fixes to bring version 0.7 to the finish line.

P.s.: remember that we also have a Matrix discussion channel (see the GTG wiki page for details) if you’d like to coordinate some aspects in a more informal and interactive manner before posting to GitHub.



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  1. MarkDuyba Avatar

    I’d like to help, however PR 894 does not apply successfully to the master branch.