Revival of Getting Things GNOME: survey results and first status update1 min read

Ever since my previous blogging frenzy where I laid bare the secret to my productivity, formulated my typology of workers, and published a survey to evaluate the revival potential for Getting Things GNOME, I’m sure y’all have been dying to know what were the outcomes of that survey, and how the GTG project is doing.

Well, you can find out in this video where I present my findings and the path forward for the project:

I hope you like it. Much more fun than reading a wall of text, isn’t it?

I’ll have another video (on a different open-source project/community management topic) coming up very soon, and it will be of absolutely epic proportions—it took me months to produce it to the level of quality I desired. If you don’t want to miss it, I suggest you subscribe to my YouTube channel (and/or mailing list).



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  1. Bar A. Avatar
    Bar A.

    A wall of text is easier to access on mobile. Now I’ll have to wait until I’m at my workplace!! I can’t wait… must press… play

  2. Here’s a vote in favour of walls of text rather than videos.