Adopt a Specto2 min read

As you can see I haven’t touched Specto in quite a while. I’m not going to start fixing things or implementing new features myself anytime soon. This is because:

  • I consider Specto “good enough” and I lack the time/hacking skills to devote to it
  • I spend lots of energy on other projects such as PiTiVi.

I think by doing so (not maintaining the project as I should be), I am doing a disservice to our users. Thus, it is better to look for another maintainer. This is where you, dear reader(s), come in. Would you like to be owner(s) / maintainer(s) / developer(s) for this project? I spoke with Wout Clymans (my partner in crime for Specto), and he’s in the same situation as me.
Of course, you would not be left alone in the cold with this. New maintainers/developers will be offered guidance to get comfortable with the project and advice (as desired) regarding the direction/evolutionary path it can take (or I could still hang around indefinitely as an adviser/manager if requested).
I just want to see this little baby continue to grow nicely. If it means I lose some control over its direction, then so be it.

What does the future look like? What kind of tasks do we have to accomplish?

Here is a little list of things, off the top of my head:

  • Review/commit some patches that have been sitting around
  • Redesign the main window and infopane; I have some specific ideas to make it more elegant and efficient
  • Fix the bugs listed in the bug tracker
  • Upgrade the bzr branch to a more recent format (2a) (shouldn’t be hard, just need to make sure it worked properly)
  • Preparing for GNOME 3
    • GNOME Shell integration
    • Port to GTK+ 3.0 when the relevant PyGTK versions come out
    • Migrate from Glade to GTKBuilder Done!
    • Etc.
  • Implement a test suite
  • Implement new features