Evolution's calendar: looking for love1 min read

It just occured to me that since I’m on Planet GNOME, I can shamelessly bribe people into fixing bugs in exchange for beer and cheese and whatnot. Wanna get drunk at the Desktop Summit this year? Then please fix these trivial-yet-infuriating usability issues that have been preventing me from using Evolution‘s calendar for years:

If you want to go even further, I would be glad to assist with designing a better set of user interfaces for managing calendar events. Or if Evolution hackers are interested for 3.2, I could do a full UX review for the calendar. I’m still stuck with the deprecated Sunbird and I’d love to put it to rest (for various reasons) and be able to use Evolution’s calendar and benefit from the GNOME Shell integration that ensues.
Ladies and gentlemen, start your editors.



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  1. I’m still dreaming from a simple stand-alone calendar. I never get what a calendar has in common with an mail client.
    However, I’m using googles calendar right now. Someone wrote a shell plugin to integrate it into the shell, just the same way as evolutions calendar.

  2. Google Calendar is the closest thing to perfection that I could find, but it’s a proprietary web app and I require my calendar, tasks and email to be available offline.
    As for the standalone thing: I don’t mind that much given that I spend my days using Evolution for mail. But you might be interested in launching Evolution’s calendar like this:
    evolution --component=calendar --express
    Which launches Evolution’s calendar in netbook-optimized mode. I doubt there’s much difference with a standalone app at that point. You could also make a .desktop launcher file for it in ~/.local/share/applications if you like it.

  3. Pavel Avatar

    whats wrong with upgrading to the non-deprected lightning? (thunderbird add-on)

  4. Pavel:

    whats wrong with upgrading to the non-deprected lightning? (thunderbird add-on)

    I don’t want to have to run Thunderbird to have a calendar, especially if it provides me no significant performance advantage over Sunbird.
    I could keep on using indefinitely the standalone Sunbird from a tarball like I’m doing right now, but I would prefer to use Evolution as my swiss army knife all-in-one app, and get rid of XUL apps.