GSoC 2012 and PiTiVi1 min read

Are you a student who wants to get involved in shaping the future of open source video editing? Are you looking for a friendly project providing stimulating challenges and a well-established codebase and expertise? Then consider applying for the Summer of Code programme to work on Pitivi or GES! See this page for the list of ideas for Pitivi. Don’t wait though: the deadline for applying is April 6th.

Pitivi SoC students at the Desktop Summit last year. Important note: a moustache is NOT required to apply as a GSoC student!

Not a programmer? You can help raise awareness about this (and about Pitivi in general). Maybe you know a brilliant hacker friend/family member or a top-notch computer science student, who is just waiting for a chance to make a big difference in the world. Tell that person about how cool and welcoming PiTiVi is and how getting involved is the best way to advance free, powerful and intuitive video editing for everyone!



One response to “GSoC 2012 and PiTiVi”

  1. Nice project. Not tried to edit video on Linux for long time. Also long time not worked on open source project. Will definitely apply. Worked with loads of different video editors, and pitivi have most needed functions, except some for faster editing, so GSoC – here i am coming 🙂