GSoC 2014 projects for Pitivi: transformation, chroma keying, image sequences1 min read

Thanks to GNOME, we will be able to get some reinforcements for Pitivi this summer.
We’re very pleased to have Lubosz Sarnecki making a comeback! In 2011 he implemented the cairo-based clip transformation (zoom/resize/crop) feature in the viewer. Lubosz is quite experienced with OpenGL, Blender and GStreamer, as you can see on his blog  and the variety of projects he contributes to.

lubosz working on the transformation UI in 2011
Lubosz working on Pitivi at the 2011 Desktop Summit

This year, his project is:

  1. Evaluate the need for an OpenGL-based Ken Burns effect in GStreamer, vs an approach combining the CPU-based transformation plugins (videocrop, videoscale, videorotate and videomixer).
  2. Resurrect and extend our clip transformation user interface in Pitivi, to support rotation and animatable properties.
  3. Implement a color picker and custom chroma keying UI.

We’re also introducing Fabian Orccon as a GSoC student this year. His project will be to implement a user interface for handling image sequences (timelapses, stopmotion animation, output from Blender, etc.) as regular video clips in Pitivi. This is a fair amount of UI work, with possibly some work directly in GStreamer to improve the MultiFile element in gst-plugins-good. Depending on the remaining available time, he may also tackle bug fixing and implementing various features like copy-pasting clips. You can read Fabian’s initial blog post with mockups of how the image sequence UI/workflow could look like.