A new data format has landed in the upcoming GTG 0.52 min read

Here’s a general call for testing from your favorite pythonic native Linux desktop personal productivity app, GTG.

In recent months, Diego tackled the epic task of redesigning the XML file format from a new specification devised with the help of Brent Saner (proposal episodes 1, 2 and 3), and then implementing the new file format in GTG. This work has now been merged to the main development branch on GTG’s git repository:

Diego’s changes are major, invasive technological changes, and they would benefit from extensive testing by everybody with “real data” before 0.5 happens (very soon). I’ve done some pretty extensive testing & bug reporting in the last few months; Diego fixed all the issues I’ve reported so far, so I’ve pretty much run out of serious bugs now, as only a few remain targetted to the 0.5 milestone… But I’m only human, and it is possible that issues might remain, even after my troll-testing.

Grab GTG’s git version ASAP, with a copy of your real data (for extra caution, and also because we want you to test with real data); see the instructions in the README, including the “Where is my user data and config stored?” section.

Please torture-test it to make sure everything is working properly, and report issues you may find (if any). Look for anything that might seem broken “compared to 0.4”, incorrect task parenting/associations, incorrect tagging, broken content, etc.

If you’ve tried to break it and still couldn’t find any problems, maybe one way to indicate that would be a “👍” on the merge request—I’m not sure we really have another way to know if it turns out that “everything is OK” 🙂

Your help in testing this (or spreading the word) will help ensure a smooth transition for users getting an upgrade from 0.4 to 0.5, letting us release 0.5 with confidence. Thanks!