The 5 Spectos1 min read

I just find it funny that back in 2005 when I had “no choice but to start the Specto project myself and learn python”, I could not find anything that did what I had in mind (tell me when some static website is updated).
Now, as Pete Savage just posted on our mailing list detailing some ideas for cooperation (which I am looking forward to and should reply to whenever I have the time), and reading some blog posts, I realize that… These days, we mostly have “5 Spectos”!
Namely, the Informant, which is a (dead) project that actually existed long ago before Specto, VCSFrenzy (which is not yet a generic notification system – but aims to be, and that is the reason we & Pete Savage & al. are planning to do something great together), Mumbles and Hilo. Actually, Hilo even mentions Specto on its homepage!
Isn’t all this thrilling? 🙂
Finally, in order to give some informational value to this blog post (and since I haven’t blogged about Specto in such a long time), I would like to give you a hint of what I am planning. First, I should be testing today’s SVN for “showstopper bugs”. If there is no problem, I will make it the 0.2.2 release, most likely the last in the 0.2 series.
After that, we will start working on 0.3, which will be the ground-breaking earth-shattering pony-riding release of death.

Of course, all of this is subject to change, discussion, etc. I am just lining up some thoughts here, not promising that my little fingers can do all that (they can’t, actually) ^_^