Thumbnails are back1 min read

…it’s back. And it will not stop until it has accomplished its mission.
This week, Daniel Thul fixed and reactivated the clip thumbnailing code for Pitivi’s timeline. But he didn’t just stop there. No sir. He implemented caching too, and that made my week.
We don’t just process thumbnails on-demand anymore, we now save them to disk for reuse. Notice the length of the clip below? It is two hours long. And its thumbnails load instantly at startup.

That’s not all. The thumbnails you see above were using “nearest neighbor” scaling. If you are using GStreamer 0.10.36 or newer, you get better thumbnail quality, because we now use multitap Lanczos image scaling:

Update: Daniel also blogged about his findings.



3 responses to “Thumbnails are back”

  1. That is very cool, thank you Daniel Thul and all
    It seems that waveforms is still missing in the GES port or have they been deactivated ?

  2. Waveforms will be reimplemented in GStreamer as a GSoC project this summer.