Wanted: documentation specialist1 min read

The Pitivi project is looking for someone who loves teaching/writing, to fill the position of “documentation specialist” among our team! The documentation specialist will be responsible for updating our fantastic user manual (online version here) based on release notes of 0.91 and 0.92 as well as your own imagination/ideas for improvement.
cat writing
The user manual is written in Mallard, but I can even accept contributions in plaintext (I would then do the markup myself). You only have to write it in English; other languages are handled by the hyperactive GNOME translation teams. You will receive:

  • No pay
  • No company-provided car, gym or insurance
  • Praise, hugs, possibly some beers at events such as GUADEC
  • Something great to put in your résumé/CV as a technical writer and contributor to open-source
  • The feeling of a job well done in a project that matters for the world
  • An autographed biography of Richard Stallman in French, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m not even kidding, there’s a guy actually offering that as a perk on the Internet.
  • A gentle entry into the world of contributing to Pitivi if you want to go further

Apply now on #pitivi on irc.freenode.net !