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No no no, I said video, Not videos. Seems like even though I spent hours editing and rendering a single recording, I’ve still beat the GUADEC organizers when it comes to “time to publish” 😉
My “neko edit” also has good sound quality (from a dedicated USB microphone) and high resolution versions of the slides and videos used during the presentation… all in HTML5 video glory.

Go watch it on PiTiVi’s showcase page. When I said you hadn’t truly lived until you’ve seen it, I was not kidding. Here’s what others had to say about it:

I’m thrilled. I just attended a presentation for PiTiVi and the current state of it is delightful. […] This talk tied with Poettering’s talk for my favourite.
— Richard Schwarting


There were many great talks but my favorite one was “PiTiVi and the GES: state of the onion” from Jean-François (AKA Jeff). I was actually on my way to another talk that was scheduled at the same time but I caught a glimpse of his “slides” from the door and couldn’t resist checking it out first. Once I got into the room, it was hard to leave.
— Zeeshan Ali


Yo, Lennart, I’m really happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but Jeff had one of the best talks of all time! One of the best talks of all time!
— Kanye West

By the way, I’ll be presenting GES with Thibault at the GStreamer conference in San Diego in two weeks. That talk will have a more serious tone than the PiTiVi one, but will nonetheless be quite interesting.


11 responses to “GUADEC talk video published1 min read

  1. diegoe Avatar

    render video mockups!

  2. Robin Avatar

    The audio of guadec-2012.webm is out of sync for me. Otherwise it was an interesting talk to watch!
    By the way, you really need to release more often. No release sadly means much less users.
    Why don’t you participate in the GNOME release schedule?

  3. Alex Avatar

    Great talk! Good to see PiTiVi progress, and especially good to see the important work on the components behind the scene.

  4. @Robin: there is a slight sound sync issue (like, a few frames) but it seems to be variable and in the end I decided to say this was “good enough”. Even Kdenlive (not just Pitivi) had trouble with that.

    By the way, you really need to release more often.

    We know. Last summer we thought we’d sync up with the GNOME release schedule, but back then, GES and GObject Introspection were not in the picture.
    You can’t refactor the entire codebase, test it, fix bugs, realize it’s too late to keep using GStreamer 0.10 then port it to GTK3 and GStreamer 1.0, then test it all over again and fix everything again… within six months. This is not how software development works for complex applications, unless you have 10 fulltime developers. And I’m not the kind of person to release an untested “work in progress” (but when it’s usable enough, we shall certainly make preview releases).
    We can always use more help.

  5. Biel Bestué Avatar
    Biel Bestué

    looking forward when do you see the next release?

  6. At this point I am unable to commit to a time estimate, until we’ve finished the port to GStreamer 1.0 and ironed out the bugs we encounter (there are lots of them, and they’re quite weird). It’s hard to say.

  7. Robin Avatar

    @nekohayo: Maybe a release would have been possible before going to GStreamer 1.0 and GTK 3. But yeah, I know what you mean. I guess it’s also rather unfortunate that all these transitions came to be at the same time (or maybe not, “pain once instead of many times”).
    Anyway, keep it up! Love your work and your blogging about it :).

  8. Biel Bestué Avatar
    Biel Bestué

    love the Blade Runner video, is it available?

  9. You guys have done an amazing job and improved a lot of things in a short period of time. As important as our core software is, I really feel like we should be contributing all we can to creative applications like this.
    With GES and Python, I guess the barrier to entry can’t be much lower.

  10. @Biel: that’s actually the shortened version of it. I haven’t really bothered to put it online, especially if it’s on YouTube where it would probably instantly get flagged for copyright infringement… that, and I’m lazy 🙂

  11. I approve this message.