Pitivi 0.91 "Charming Defects"2 min read

And so it has come to this.
A few days ago, we stealthily published the tarball of the first Pitivi video editor release based on the GES engine. Incredible but true! 0.91 is finally out! In case you were living under a rock for the past two years, this release is the result of a major rework of the entire Pitivi architecture, and as such it is considered an “alpha” release. From a very (VERY) high level, it includes:

  • Replacing the core of Pitivi by GES; 20 thousand lines of code removed
  • Porting to GStreamer 1.x
  • Porting to GTK+ 3.x
  • Replacing GooCanvas by Clutter for the timeline
  • An automated UI test suite, with many checks for mission-critical parts
  • Fixing hundreds of bugs
  • Implementing many new features
  • UI polish all over the place
  • Refactoring pretty much the entire codebase

Since 0.15.2, over 1300 changes have been committed in Pitivi alone. That’s not even counting the incredible amount of work we’ve done in GES and GStreamer. See the details in the 0.91 release notes.
I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all the people who, through their contributions and the trust they have put in us over the past two years, have helped us achieve this milestone. The adventure continues however: we need your involvement more than ever to continue on the path we have set! If you’ve been shy about getting involved because of the huge amount of architectural changes we were going through, now is the perfect time to start contributing on fresh grounds.
Oh, and one more thing: “PiTiVi” is now known as “Pitivi”. Our website, documentation and infrastructure have been updated to reflect this small branding adjustment (the only part I didn’t update yet is the logo image). Moreover, in order to support open standards, free ourselves from YouTube (or any third party, really) and to make it easier to transition to a responsive design (more on that later), we now use HTML5 videos in open formats all across the website. Woohoo!



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  1. skierpage Avatar

    In case you were living under a rock for the past two years, know that 0.91 is a major rework of the entire Pitivi architecture.

    In case you are 99.9999% of the human race, “Pitivi is a Free video editor with a beautiful and intuitive user interface, a clean codebase and a fantastic community.”
    The second sentence of any blog post about TechnologyCodeName should always explain what TechnologyCodeName is. You are the marketing department for TechnologyCodeName, you don’t know who will come across your blog post, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s good to develop a snappy one-sentence description, no human will mind the repetition and it teaches search engines what TechnologyCodeName is.
    And congratulations!

    1. In case you are 99.9999% of the human race

      Arguably, only 0.0001% of the human race does video editing on Linux 😉
      But your points are fair, and I have updated the post above to add a few more words and hyperlinks that I forgot to put in there. Hope that’s an improvement!

    2. Simon Avatar

      And not to be pedantic, but it also wouldn’t hurt to explain what “GES” is, and why it’s interesting. Even as an occasional Pitivi user, I had to look that one up… find out what it was.

      1. Alright, added (boy, my blog post is turning into a linkfest 🙂

        1. Simon Avatar

          Like I said, I wasn’t meaning to be difficult. But a lot of people see your blog on planet.gnome and the like, and while Pitivi interests us, we don’t know what some of it means without a bit of context.

  2. yay! hopefully more of the human race will start using linux for video editing, now a newPitivi is out.
    And, Pitivi is sadly not that well known, even among peoples who are doing editing in Linux. Somehow it slipped through their radar, even though they know Openshot, Kdenlive, Cinelerra and even Blender. Partially though, I think this is ok; might be better for them to learn it at the 1.0 release, and get totally wowed 🙂
    I’m building git right now, gonna see what the current state is like!
    Congrats, I think this is just one (important) step to world domination!

  3. Video Avatar

    Thank you for such nice software!

  4. Jack Avatar

    Sweet- it all looks good. I’m so glad all this work has finally come to fruition in a release. Pitivi (whoa) was already so good, so this will no doubt begin a new era in the refinement of the program.
    Time to make some videos!

  5. Looks cool wondering when it will be in the Debian repo’s.
    As showing 0.15.2 there. Will wait in anticipation for when it hits Debian.

  6. Sriram Ramkrishna Avatar
    Sriram Ramkrishna

    I noticed that one of your bullets said “ported to GStreamer 1.x”. I assume you meant GStreamer 2.x ? 🙂

    1. Odin Hørthe Omdal Avatar
      Odin Hørthe Omdal

      GStreamer 1.x is correct, as the version that was normal to use before was GStreamer 0.10. The 1.x series is quite new. Though there’s already 1.2 out now, and Pitivi needs that to run, AFAIK.

      1. Mathieu Duponchelle Avatar
        Mathieu Duponchelle

        This is correct.

  7. Gavin Avatar

    Well done!
    Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to trying this out when I get home.
    Best wishes to all.

  8. Biel Bestué Avatar
    Biel Bestué

    congratulations! I’m totally looking forward to it!

  9. joker Avatar

    Hey Folks of Pitivi we can go to the next step with a beautiful crowdfunding campain, why not ? ! I’m sure it will help and I’msure it’ll be succesfull !

  10. kudos to the developers! By the way, I miserably failed to compile 0.91 (ubuntu 13.04 and 13.20) I hope to see it in the ppa or as a deb package soon.

  11. Exciting, congratulations, must have been an awful lot of work to manage so many transitions at the same time. Looks great too!

  12. Étienne BERSAC Avatar
    Étienne BERSAC

    Impressive. That’s a momentum 🙂 Does it build with jhbuild ? I’ll try tomorrow !

    1. Mathieu Duponchelle Avatar
      Mathieu Duponchelle

      Not sure about jhbuild no, there is a script to checkout all the necessary stuff, but since two days it’s broken if you have new enough versions of pygobject and introspection, we’ll fix that fast.

    2. Étienne, looking forward to your feedback on this one! If it works, it would be quite cool to update http://wiki.pitivi.org/wiki/GStreamer_using_jhbuild – I haven’t tried this method since ~2010, so this page is most likely in need of refinements… You can send me corrections to apply, or if you’d like a wiki account I can create one for you.

  13. When will you provide the latest version on Gstreamer PPA ?

    1. A PPA update is not in our immediate plans yet, though if someone wants to update it for us, I guess we won’t stop them 😉

      1. So it is released but not yet really available for common users…

        1. It’s an alpha release, aimed at early adopters, testers, contributors, rather than people who will just say “this sucks!” 🙂

  14. Pierre Avatar

    Great great work!
    I was following Pitivi’s life from far away, and the fact the release number always seemed so little (0.11… 0.12…) made me lose hope.
    I’m impressed by all the work that has been achieved in the last 2 years, and I’m glad to see this as a release today!
    Keep up the good work, people!

  15. Hi guys,
    Well done for getting to this milestone! I’m really looking forward to trying the new version. One of the things that bugs me about Linux is the lack of a good Video Editor. I’ve always liked Pitivi, as it resembles Sony Vegas, especially in the timeline elements. Even though Lightworks will be available soon, I think it’ll be over-kill for most people, plus it ain’t that easy to use – where as Pitivi is.
    Quick questions:
    1) Is that the new theme, ie dark? or is it part of the OS’s GTK theme?
    2) Will there be an easy method to install and try it out soon, I’m not that good with Linux.
    3) Have you added titles yet? That’s a real deal breaker for a lot of people.
    4) Colour Correction?
    Thanks again guys 😉

    1. Alexandre Prokoudine Avatar
      Alexandre Prokoudine

      This is stock dark GTK+ theme on GNOME used by apps like Totem, Eye of GNOME, the new Photo application etc. Same one GIMP v3.0 will be using.

    2. Will there be an easy method to install and try it out soon, I’m not that good with Linux.

      This release is aimed at early adopters who are more savvy with Linux and can afford to deal with potential bugs or issues to investigate with us… for sure, when we’re more confident about how reliable it is (ie: beta, 1.0, etc.) we will make it easy for anyone to install it 😉

      Have you added titles yet?

      See the known issues in 0.91’s release notes.

      Colour Correction?

      The effects are there, they lack a nicer UI. Bug 596131.

  16. obibon Avatar

    It looks awesome, have been long waiting for this version! Maybe I’ll start now doing some translations (it’s unfortunately the only way I can help…); don’t know why, but I’ve always been waiting for 0.16…
    I tried to build, and I get “no package ‘cairo’ found”. I tried apt-get cairo, but doesn’t work (Linux Mint Debian Edition). I’m not the savviest guy around, but I’m happy to test, is there something I’m doing wrong?
    Cheers, and great congrats for this long awaited release.

  17. In Ubuntu 13.04 I had the same issue with the missing cairo package, but on IRC devs asked me to wait till a deb was available.
    Shame because I’ve time on my hands just now to put it through it’s paces 😉