Blogging about Python desktop apps improvements on Planet Python2 min read

Hi, fellow pythonistas! Before I start publishing future Python-related posts to this aggregator, I would like to shortly introduce myself and the reason for this blog’s presence on the planet.

I am a business management consultant, but I am also, in my spare time, an independent free & open-source software developer, designer and maintainer who happens to use Python as his sole programming language. I created Specto (all Python) many years ago, I co-maintained the Pitivi video editor (also written in Python) for many years, and nowadays I co-maintain GTG which is, you guessed it, another “pure Python” free & open-source desktop application. It looks like this:

Here I blog mainly about new releases and improvements in my Python software apps (which means GTG lately, but I also have a couple of pythonic utility apps I’ve been meaning to publish sometime soon), and sometimes write about performance optimization in software applications in general, or how a particular bug was solved. As such, my blog posts tend to be “applied Python” type of content rather than theoretical tutorial-style blog posts.

I believe that successful Python application improvements & releases serve as tangible proof of Python’s power as a desktop GUI application development technology that can attract healthy contributor communities. It is not every day you see a project come back to life like what we did with GTG, and I hope this well-designed, practical, cornerstone desktop application can serve as a success story for Python on the desktop.

In recent days, I have also started working for the Montréal Polytechnique university’s neuroimaging laboratory/research group, where I help them structure their documentation and scientific communication efforts to the public. Their neuroimaging software projects are typically written in Python, so if there is some interest in that (?), and should I find topics that seem relevant to talk about on my blog, I may write about that too (but I’m no neuroscientist!)

I look forward to contributing to Planet Python, and if you’re curious about the broader topics I blog about, I also have a posts notification mailing list, and on Twitter you can also find me, GTG, Pitivi, the PolyMTL Neuro lab account, and the accounts of the lab’s biggest pythonic apps as well.