Pre-releasing in New York2 min read

A pre-release of Pitivi is out. Please test it out and report any problems you may find, and help us make the 0.15 release (due September 26th) a great success!
Among the usual round of fixed bugs, niceties of this release include a presets system for project settings and rendering settings (there’s a preset for HTML5 video, for example), a lot of code cleanup/refactoring, improved startup times, and all the stuff from the previous unstable 0.14.1 and 0.14.2 releases which would be too long to list here.
While I was banging my head on cleaning up the profiles implementation and investigating last minute bugs, I’ve been attending the Open Video Conference (thanks to the MoFo).

  • Nice atmosphere and a fun/productive time overall (in part because I had time to hack on pitivi)
  • At first I did not understand why “no railway system from LGA airport to Manhattan” was a problem; now that I’ve stood for over an hour in an overcrowded bus to get to the first subway station, I get it.
  • Great time hanging around with Benjamin Schwartz and the Xiph folks, with some fellow Montréalers, and with a bunch of other interesting people whose name I forget.
  • The “open video editors” session attendance was interesting:
    • I expected to meet mostly people from other video editing projects, artists and video hosting websites, but it was nothing like it. Discussion went on areas I did not expect, and which were quite interesting.
    • Discovered that my laptop did not want to output to the projector at all. Whether I should blame the gallium radeon driver for my r300, Fedora 15 or Murphy is yet to be determined. After a few minutes of frantically grabbing the build and runtime dependencies to run pitivi git on an audience member’s laptop while struggling with the arcane workflow of Unity, managed to demo a few bits of pitivi while we were discussing.
    • I have to thank Benjamin for being a great help in giving direction to this session and providing insightful opinions that complemented the couple of hopefully intelligible things I said.
  • Briefly took the mic during the showcase session at the end of the day to announce the Pitivi pre-release, and was met with roaring cheers and applause, which was quite unexpected and encouraging!


4 responses to “Pre-releasing in New York”

  1. pitivi’s release numbering is rather awful. How is 0.14 stable but 0.14.1 and 0.14.2 are unstable?
    GNOME’s cycle uses odd numbers for the unstable versions to make it a lot easier for packagers and users to know what’s going on.

  2. thiblahute Avatar

    @Jeremy Bicha. Yes I know it was the transition between no unstable release to making unstable release that made that happen. This one is 0.14.91 so people know it is unstable, stupid numbering wont happen again 😉

  3. Do you ever use an external display with your r300? My r600 doesnt work with any ext display and i think this is since kms and applies to many toshibas.
    Ps nice unity jab there

  4. @Jon:
    Well my r600 on my desktop computer works fine with external and dual screens (I use a VGA monitor and an HDTV over DVI/HDMI)… but maybe the driver behaves differently on laptops.
    I hadn’t tested the laptop’s r300 in a while because it used to work back when I was running Ubuntu 10.10 and I expected the thing to “just work”. I guess I should test with LCD monitors at home.