The War Against Deadlocks, part 21 min read

Heads up, citizens of the video editing world! Our war correspondent Alexandru has taken some of my battered notes, done some more research and published a fine report on the second part of Pitivi‘s War Against Deadlocks. Go read it now! 😃

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing! This blog post is part of a série of articles tracking progress made with work related to the 2014 Pitivi fundraiser. Researching and writing quality articles takes a lot of time, so please be patient and enjoy the ride! 😉
  1. An update from the 2014 summer battlefront
  2. The 0.94 release
  3. The War Against Deadlocks, part 1: The story of our new thread-safe mixing elements reimplementation
  4. The War Against Deadlocks, part 2: GNonLin’s reincarnation
  5. The 0.95 release, the GTK+ timeline and sink
  6. Measuring quality/reliability through time (clarifying what gst-validate is)
  7. Our all-in-one binaries building infrastructure, and why it matters
  8. Samples, “scenario” files and you: how you can help us reproduce (almost) any bug very easily
  9. The 1.0 release and closure of the fundraiser



4 responses to “The War Against Deadlocks, part 2”

  1. motoz Avatar

    Wow! I have tried to use pitivi on and off for >5 years, and every single time been able to crash it within one or two minutes. Now I downloaded the daily build and IT DOES NOT CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s like a dream come true, I add clips, cut them everywhere, move the bits here and there with fades and transitions dragging the playhead here and there in the process. Not a single crash. Not once. Finally I dare to click the ‘render’ button. Feeling very lucky I choose the ‘html5 video’ preset, and off it goes, but about halfway done on the edge of a transition it errors out: “gst-stream-error-quark: GStreamer encountered a general stream error. (1)”.
    Well at least progress!! I think, but then I realized that it did not crash, the editor is still alive. So I dismiss the error, switch to ‘no preset’ which apparently means ogg/theora and try again. This time it renders to the end with no errors and gives me a working theora video file!! And the editor is still alive! NO DEADLOCKS!!
    Looks like we finally have a working video editor! Thank you so much!

    1. Super happy to hear it’s starting to work better for you 🙂 about the render issue, it kinda sounds like this issue I encountered recently, but supposedly fixed.
      It seems you’re either hitting a variant of it, or a different issue. Could you try to determine the steps to trigger it, and report it? Drop by our IRC channel and we’d be happy to help you investigate.

      1. motoz Avatar

        I didn’t save the project and seems I can’t repeat it now so not much to do about it I guess. I had two clips with different containers and frame rates and resolutions cut up in lots of pieces with lots of fades and some added transitions (just for testing, doing this I always crashed pitivi sooner or later until now)

  2. Mathieu Duponchelle Avatar
    Mathieu Duponchelle

    Good to hear that indeed, would love to see the end result if that’s something you care to share 🙂