I’ve been holding off a Specto release for way too long. See my previous post on the matter for some insights into why Specto 0.4 was released after Duke Nukem Forever. This development hell streak ends today.
If there are still people out there using this piece of software, go grab the new tarball. Distro maintainers, please package it. This release drops the python glade and gnome dependencies and fixes compatibility with NetworkManager 0.9. See the ChangeLog file for further details.
Thanks to Francesco Marella for some great contributions (gtkbuilder port and code cleanup) that made this possible.
Given that nobody came up wishing to take my place as the maintainer since my previous announcement, I decided on the following new policies (at least until a new maintainer comes up):

  • No particular project direction? Screw this. I’ll be deciding unilaterally to do stupid things, like release 0.4 right now (with some amount of smoke testing, of course). In any case, 0.4 can’t be any worse than 0.3.1.
  • Anything older than the current release is unsupported. Any old bugs I can’t reproduce will be NEEDINFO’d or closed as obsolete.
  • Want new features or any major development? “Patch or it didn’t happen“. I spend most of my time hacking on Pitivi these days and can’t afford to push Specto forward unless someone comes in to help.
  • Want to get involved more seriously than a few patches here and there? Feel free to contact me! There’s a ton of work to do.


2 responses to “Specto 0.4 released”

  1. Damn ! Still these awful tabs (hiding information in a notification information seems to be a bad idea to me as you already know 😉
    0.4 looks like an update “behind the scenes”, maybe 0.5 will have some GUI changes ?
    BTW, how does Specto interact with GNOME 3 ?
    Anyway, keep focusing on PiTiVi : you’re doing a unvaluable job there 🙂

  2. Yeah, the GUI has not been touched… need someone to do that work in a branch… In addition to porting to pygi/GTK3, to the gnome-shell notification system (specto makes no attempt to integrate with it at all)